His inherent talent for capturing the reality on camera with dignity and honesty is a gift.
— Gargoyle Award Recipient for Advocacy

Mirko Popadic is an independent producer, director, videographer and editor. Based in Chicago, he has executed a variety of projects ranging from education, theatrical art productions, ethnographic and bio documentaries, to advocacy related projects, medical education and marketing programs.

Mirko has dedicated his career to giving a voice to the innovators and the forward thinkers of the world. From medicine to education to the arts, his work can be found in communities all around Chicago. He has a talent not only for finding solutions that are as unique as the story he is telling, but also in crafting thoughtful narratives that are meaningful on an individual level and to the communities at large.


[The video] was illuminating, beautiful, wonderfully filmed, seamlessly edited and wonderfully produced.


Actor, Christmas Carol, Goodman Theatre

I can watch it over and over again! It’s perfect!


Director of Marketing, Roycemore School

[Mirko] is sensitive to the issues of our community and is a passionate contributor to the ongoing process of educating and enlightening the general public in the multiple areas of access and accommodation.


The Council for Disability Rights


[The] video content is incredibly helpful in gathering support for our campaign and your work was beautifully done. 

Lauren Underwood

Congressional Candidate

The final product has been an outstanding commercial success for our non-profit organization, which markets the video throughout the United States.


Director, Alaskan Museum of History and Art


M Batley

YouTube comment

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